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Maintenance Tips
Ten simple maintenance tips for your engine
  • Keep dirt out of the engine
  • Keep dirt out of the engine
  • Maintain sufficient lubrication wherever necessary
  • Regulate the engine's fuel
  • Control the operating temperatures
  • Guard against corrosion
  • Let the engine breathe
  • Prevent overspeeding
  • Know your engine's condition
  • Correct troubles while they are simple
  • Schedule and control your maintenance
DO's for your Engine
  • Inspect the pre- cleaner for dirt/ dust accumulation and clean it if necessary.
  • Check vacuum indicator for red band and clean the outer element only by compressed air, not more than 60 psi if necessary.
  • Drain for the water and sediment from water separator & fuel tank before starting.
  • Check the condition and tension of the belts and rectify accordingly.
  • Maintain coolant condition as per specifications.
  • Check lube oil pressure in the morning after starting.
  • Check engine log book of previous shift and do corrections on engine if necessary.
  • Clean the engine externally.
  • Check for any leakage of engine oil, coolant, and fuel . Also top up the level if required.
  • Prime the engine by priming pump if provided before starting.
  • Check battery condition and electrical connection before starting.
  • Start the engine and operate at low idle for 2-3 minutes for any leakage or abnormal sound. Do correction if necessary.
  • Start the engine on electrical mode and check for proper functioning of safety controls.
  • Idle the engine for three minutes before shut off.
  • Carry out recommended schedule maintenance checks.
  • Use only Cummins genuine parts while replacing
Don't s for your Engine
  • Operate the engine with choked or ruptured air cleaner element.
  • Operate the engine with vacuum indicator removed
  • Remove inner element for cleaning.
  • Operate the engine without diesel tank cap and strainer.
  • Operate the engine without radiator pressure cap.
  • Operate the engine without thermostat.
  • Operate the engine with lubricating oil level below ‘L’ mark or above ‘H’ mark.
  • Crank the engine more than 30 seconds continuously.
  • Operate the engine with dirty radiator core.
  • Over extend the filters and lubricating oil change period.
  • Allow dirt or any debris to enter oil system during oil change.
  • Operate the engine with any leakage or with abnormal sound.
  • Stop the engine on high idle.
  • Operate the engine with out support of exhaust and intake piping.
  • Operate the engine with low oil pressure or with high coolant temperature.