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Generator Service
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (CAMC)
Under this contract both Labour and Parts supply are covered and provided onsite.
Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)
These are customised agreements for Service Labour, wherein our Engineers would periodically attend to your Gensets / Engines used in other applications, carry out technical inspection and provide service support onsite, along with repairs and scheduled maintenance activities. Parts supply is not in this contract.
Non - Comprehensive Amc
As you are aware, the Generator Set installed in your work is a capital asset and doubtlessly needs constant mechanical and electrical attendance by an expert to ensure ceaseless functioning when emergency arises to put the same on load.

As an introduction we would apprise your self of our being in the line for long time and attending to all type of faults and regular service of all type of Engines and alternators.

We also undertake the annual maintenance contract (A.M.C.), erection and commissioning of all type of diesel Generator Sets on very reasonable rates and on time bound basis.

In case you feel any problem in this regard, kindly give us a call enabling our service engineer to solve your problem and help stop loss of your production due to power cut and non working of your captive power unit.
Oil Service Generator Maintenance Service Visit B
Maintenance on a diesel generator set requires you start up and exercise your generator set.. Setting up a regular program for starting up your diesel generator set is the prefer way. How much, depends, the bigger the diesel generator set the bigger the engine and expense for operation and consumables. Most manufactures recommend exercising the genset for about a half-hour of run time, once a week. You will want it to run long enough to heat up all the components.

The engine oil will need to be change every 100 to 250 hours depending on the dust conditions. Changing the oil filter every time you change the oil is another good practice for the maintenance on a diesel generator set. Air filters need to change and diesels generator set need a lot of clean air to operate properly. You should check the air filter every 100 hours and every 50 hours in dusty environments. Setting up a regular scheduled maintenance service is the key to long-life and performance for your genset.

The generator end of a diesel generator set requires no service unless you live in a dusty environment. The maintenance on a diesel generator set in a dusty environment is to use a high pressure air hose and occasionally blow out the dust from the generator system. Dirt and dust particles can cause shorts in the internal wiring coating. High heat and dust are enemy of power generator.

On Call Basis Service
Our engineers are available on a daily paid service basis. Expensive break downs can be mitigated by paid service calls, wherein we depute engineers for speedy service recovery. If you are experiencing a break down

Please contact 90948 87272

Major / Minor Overhauling
We specialize in providing on & off-site repair & troubleshooting services for industrial diesel engines. Our services include minor / major repairs, overhauling, rebuilds and other tasks, which are essential for the maintenance of generators. All repairs follow a standard procedure of - dismantling, chemical cleaning, inspection, reconditioning & assembly of the engine as per respective manufacturer’s recommendations.
Diesel Engine Spare Parts
We have emerged as one-stop-shop for spare parts and components of high speed diesel engines. Our inventory boasts of part of all makes including Caterpillar, Cummins, Ashok Leyland, Kirloskar, Mahindra, Perkins. These standard parts are sourced from reputed manufacturers. We work closely with customers to identify the model and determine the right spare parts and components.